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Catalogs and Wiring Guide

Hard-copies of our full-line Dallee Color Catalog and Dallee Wiring Guide may be purchased for postal delivery by referring to our Price List / Order Form for pricing and ordering instructions. Both publications are also available for free download from the links below:

Complete Dallee Electronics Printable Catalog (PDF)

Wiring Guide (PDF)

Additional Wiring Guide Pages:

Two Aspect Signal Operation using a TRAK-DTRL (PDF)

Automatic Reverse Turning Loops (PDF)

Automatic Reverse Turning Loops for AC and DCC operators (PDF)

Automatic Reverse Loop Relay for AC and DCC operators (PDF)

Three Train Loop Staging with Trak-DTRL (PDF)

Push Button Display Control with Timer-3/Display Timer (PDF)

Push Button Display Control with Momentum (PDF)

Push Button Display Back-N-Forth with Momentum, stopping at each end for push button activation (PDF)

Display operation - Auto ON/OFF timing w/ two train staging and Push Button Viewer override (PDF, 50K)

Auto Reverse w/ Timed Stop at End - Push Button Start w/ Timed Operation (PDF, 138K)

Auto Reverse w/ Timed Stop at End w/ Reverse Memory - Push Button Start (PDF, 138K)

Powering 'S' Switches with TRAK-DTRL (PDF)

Twin Coil Switch Machine Automatic Throw (PDF)

Twin Coil Switch Motor Latching Relay and Two Aspect Signal Operation (PDF)


Display Layout Push Button Start from Stop w/ Other Stops (PDF, 470K)

Auto B-N-F w/ Timed Stops - Stops Controlled by Push Button Switches for Viewing (PDF, 40K)

2-Train Operation w/ MU'd Locomotives (PDF, 17K)

2-Train Passing Tracks w/ End Loops (PDF, 41K)

2-Train Passing Using Trak-DTRL's (PDF, 575K)

2-Train Staging in Opposite Directions (PDF, 260K)

2-Train Station Stops w/ Momentum (PDF, 41K)

Station Stop Every 8th Time (PDF, 356K)

Polarity_matching_of_CenterSection using Trak-DTRL, #566 (PDF, 41K)

Alternating Routes Using Trak-DTRL & Trak-DTT (PDF, 22K)

Auto Switch Coils or Track Routing w/ Trak-DTT's (PDF, 27K)

B-N-F Linked to Each Other (PDF, 1.6M)

Incline-reversing via track power sensing (PDF, 24K)

LED Indicators for MO-1 w/ Trak-DTRL (PDF, 13K)

Momentum Stop-Start w/ AF 'Cow on Track' or 'Sam the Semaphore' (PDF, 20K)

Multi-Train Crossing (PDF, 138K)

Multi-Train Operation w/ DCC (PDF, 19K)

Multi-Train Staging w/ Momentum and Switch Throws (PDF, 265K)

Permissive Block Signals (PDF, 286K)

Signaling w/ Trak-DTRL (PDF, 62K)

Train Following Train w/ Trak-DTRL's and Momentum (PDF, 191K)

AA Charger for DCv3 & #672 22 Watt Amplifier (PDF, 269K)

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