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Catalogs and Wiring Guide

Hard-copies of our full-line Dallee Color Catalog and Dallee Wiring Guide may be purchased for postal delivery by referring to our Price List / Order Form for pricing and ordering instructions. Both publications are also available for free download from the links below:

Complete Dallee Electronics Printable Catalog (PDF)

Wiring Guide (PDF)

Additional Wiring Guide Pages:

Two Aspect Signal Operation using a TRAK-DTRL (PDF)

Automatic Reverse Turning Loops (PDF)

Automatic Reverse Turning Loops for AC and DCC operators (PDF)

Automatic Reverse Turning Loops of a dog bone for AC and DCC operators (PDF)

Automatic Reverse Loop Relay for AC and DCC operators (PDF)

Three Train Loop Staging with Trak-DTRL (PDF)

Push Button Display Control with Timer-3/Display Timer (PDF)

Push Button Display Control with Momentum (PDF)

Push Button Display Back-N-Forth with Momentum, stopping at each end for push button activation (PDF)

Display operation - Auto ON/OFF timing w/ two train staging and Push Button Viewer override (PDF, 50K)

Auto Reverse w/ Timed Stop at End - Push Button Start w/ Timed Operation (PDF, 138K)

Auto Reverse w/ Timed Stop at End w/ Reverse Memory - Push Button Start (PDF, 138K)

Powering 'S' Switches with TRAK-DTRL (PDF)

Twin Coil Switch Machine Automatic Throw (PDF)

Twin Coil Switch Motor Latching Relay and Two Aspect Signal Operation (PDF)


Display Layout Push Button Start from Stop w/ Other Stops (PDF, 470K)

Auto B-N-F w/ Timed Stops - Stops Controlled by Push Button Switches for Viewing (PDF, 40K)

2-Train Operation w/ MU'd Locomotives (PDF, 17K)

2-Train Passing Tracks w/ End Loops (PDF, 41K)

2-Train Passing Using Trak-DTRL's (PDF, 575K)

2-Train Staging in Opposite Directions (PDF, 260K)

2-Train Station Stops w/ Momentum (PDF, 41K)

Station Stop Every 8th Time (PDF, 356K)

Polarity_matching_of_CenterSection using Trak-DTRL, #566 (PDF, 41K)

Alternating Routes Using Trak-DTRL & Trak-DTT (PDF, 22K)

Auto Switch Coils or Track Routing w/ Trak-DTT's (PDF, 27K)

B-N-F Linked to Each Other (PDF, 1.6M)

Incline-reversing via track power sensing (PDF, 24K)

LED Indicators for MO-1 w/ Trak-DTRL (PDF, 13K)

Momentum Stop-Start w/ AF 'Cow on Track' or 'Sam the Semaphore' (PDF, 20K)

Multi-Train Crossing (PDF, 138K)

Multi-Train Operation w/ DCC (PDF, 19K)

Multi-Train Staging w/ Momentum and Switch Throws (PDF, 265K)

Permissive Block Signals (PDF, 286K)

Signaling w/ Trak-DTRL (PDF, 62K)

Train Following Train w/ Trak-DTRL's and Momentum (PDF, 191K)

AA Charger for DCv3 & #672 22 Watt Amplifier (PDF, 269K)

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