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DALLEE ELECTRONICS was started in 1976. Our first product was the ENGINEER throttle, which having been updated and improved with time, remains the industry's most powerful full featured momentum with memory throttle available. The company added detection circuitry in 1983 with a full line of variations to follow. Electronic reversing units were being requested by the AC operator, DALLEE ELECTRONICS not only gave the industry its first replacement market E-Unit for permag "DC" motors but also made the unit available in over six variations, four for the replacement market with the others going to various manufacturers. While other products filled the line we became a full time company in 1987. We also provided electronics to some large custom layout builders. DUNHAM STUDIOS designed and built the famous CITIBANK STATION layout which was displayed at Citicorp headquarters (1987 - 1990) in New York City. DALLEE ELECTRONICS not only supplied all of the electronics to operate the layout but also provided the expertise in the wiring and automation circuitry required. Various other commercial and large home layouts have been done since including another crowd pleaser at Citicorp Center (1996 - 1998).

DALLEE ELECTRONICS started work on sound systems in 1990. These sound systems have evolved to the ultimate obtainable (within a reasonable price range) in today's market. Although many companies try to flatter their customers with other sounds or claim that they are the only ones using real recordings, our sound systems have always been created with recordings from the real locomotives. Our sound systems, in various configurations and custom designs, are used in the production of Koh's & Company "O" scale locomotives, FINE ART MODELS "#1" gauge locomotives. They have also been used in the Smithsonian edition of the NYC DREYFUSS HUDSON (both DC and AC versions), PRR K4, and German BR50 locomotives which were produced for LIONEL© TRAINS INC. DALLEE ELECTRONICS provided the control system and electronics for the BUCYRUS ERIE CRANE, produced by FINE ART MODELS. The crane control system included control of six motors (both directions), headlight, back up light, and sound. We also furnish various custom and standard designs for Koh's & Company "O" scale locomotives, Atlas O "O" gauge locomotives, S Helper Service, and other manufacturers.

DALLEE ELECTRONICS released a less expensive sound system late 1994, this unit actually fits inside HO gauge trains. This same unit is usable in any gauge larger than HO or under the table as a stationary sound system for any size. This unit has become a much talked about sound system for both sound quality and value. Since the introduction of this unit it has been downsized to accomodate installation in tight spaces. At present there are over 50 different sounds available with more to come. At present, we have redesigned this unit into a package much smaller than the previous units with easier wiring. We have since made available units to be compatible with the standard "G" operation utilizing magnets to trigger the Whistle / Horn and Bells. DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. comes out with a major update in it's sound systems for mid 2015. Now offers 32 microcontroller powered polyphonic units incorporating multiple selectable sounds that operate over a very wide range of input power types all in a smaller unit.

DALLEE ELECTRONICS was incorporated in early 1996 and continues in it's previous tradition of bringing to you a quality product that is built to last. DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. is constantly developing new products for your enjoyment and appreciates input from our customers. DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. has a showroom to demonstrate our products and offer retail sales. It is best to call ahead to insure that we will be setup to accomodate you, instead of at a show or loading / unloading from one. DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. designed an easy to use SOUND & CONTROL system which has been embraced by S-Helper Service for many existing and upcoming projects. It was also used by Atlas O in their AEM7/ALP44 locomotive. This system was designed with the AC operator in mind. The main goal of this unit is to not only be fully compatible with existing operations but to allow an unintrusive control system that is so easy to use it really requires next to no training! Although this system was designed in 1992, it was introduced to the AC market as LocoMatic™ in 1998. Although this system is different than other systems in the market, we feel very confident in the users embrace of this simplified control system. After all, isn't it important to enjoy your model railroad without cumbersome manuals to read and decipher? As an update, in 2004, we reduced the system to a very small size for S-Helper Service. This is available as the type 2 system. This makes the smallest sound, motor, and lighting control system available. Another custom LocoMatic system was designed for S-Helper Service's 2-8-0.

DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. not only redesigned the standard small universal sound system but we have also introduced a high end, full featured sound system for the serious modeler. This unit is featured in the Kohs & Company products. In 2006, we also introduced our standard sound system to the "G" modelers with software appropriate for reed switches triggered by magnets to create various Horn/Whistle play patterns as well as Bell operation. These systems can also be utilized as a stationary sound system with a magnet mounted on the engine or car. Our sound systems have also been included in the 2007 Aristo-Craft Trains catalog. New sounds are always being added to our selections as well.

DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. also redesigned the entire family of current sense track detectors which remain a super reliable industry standard. We added the Trak-DTRL in 2008 making a unique product for those in automation requiring memory between power applications. In 2003 we also redesigned and compressed our popular electronic E-Unit and added a second type which is much smaller than any previously available E-Unit.

DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. continues to expanded the product line. We introduced many new products from six new high intensity, low power, LED lighting boards, to a super reliable 12 ampere E-Unit, momentum control unit for automation applications. More sounds were made available in all three types of our popular sound systems, and more signaling/automation expansion units. DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. exhibits at major trade shows, primarily in the east, and continually advertises in various magazines. DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. has always maintained the philosophy of designing a quality product with quality components for durability and long life. DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. not only designs, assembles, and manufactures its products in the U. S. A. but we also try to use as many parts produced in the U. S. A. as well.

DALLEE ELECTRONICS, INC. also provides custom design and services to other companies throughout the model railroad and electronics industry.

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