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Dallee Electronics DC Diesel
The DCv3 Diesel Locomotive Sound System has been replaced by an improved version known as the HiLine™ Diesel Sound Systems.


Diesel Locomotive Sound Systems
for use with

Actual footprint - 0.95" x 2.7" x 0.5"


  • Remote operation of the Horn and Bell where you want it and when you want it!
  • Real motor sounds, with a full 8 notches like the real thing.
  • Hear the real bell operate.
  • Play the real horn the way you want to.
  • Hear the brake release as your locomotive starts to pull out.
  • Listen for the compressor relief valve while you idle or are running down the tracks.
  • All sounds from actual recordings.
  • Speaker not included - we offer a wide variety to select from separately

The Diesel Sound System is available with different horns and prime mover sounds.  Please refer to the price schedule for present types available.  If you don't see yours, please contact us. It could be that we are either working on it or if the need is there we just might possibly do it for all requesting it! We are constantly in search of good, clean, usable recordings of various types of sounds. If you have some that you think we might possibly use for your particular sound or you have the real thing that we could come and make a studio recording, give us a call !


Present prime mover sounds available are:

  • Baldwin,
  • Trainmaster,
  • ALCO (both Road Engine and Switcher Engine),
  • Fairbanks Morse,
  • GE with a choice of various horns,
  • EMD.

The horn selection includes:

  • Leslie 3 chime,
  • Leslie 5 chime,
  • Leslie S3K,
  • Nathan K3,
  • Nathan P5,
  • Nathan K5L,
  • Wabco E2.

The horn type must be selected with the motor type upon order.

Did you know that when using the sound system as a stationary unit you can also use our TRAK-DT system to automatically switch speakers about the layout?  Drawings for this type of operation are available upon request and are also located in our Model Railroad Wiring Guide #15.  When operating the sound system as a stationary unit you must a separate power source. Item #689, a plug-in wall power supply, is ideal for this.  You can also wire a switch to turn off the prime mover and just operate the horn and bell with our items #524 and 618.

ALCO Road Engine
Prime Mover
Item # Horn Type
675 Hancock
692 Leslie S3
693 Leslie S5
694 Nathan K3
695 Leslie P5
696 1 Chime
721 Leslie S3K
722 Nathan K5L
723 Wabco E2
794 Leslie A-200

ALCO Switcher
Prime Mover
Item # Horn Type
727 Leslie S3
729 1 Chime
728 Nathan K3
730 Wabco E2
Prime Mover
Item # Horn Type
762 Leslie S3
764 Nathan K3
766 1 Chime
768 Wabco E2
796 Leslie A-200



Prime Mover
Item # Horn Type
676 Hancock
697 Leslie S3
698 Leslie S5
699 Nathan K3
700 Nathan P5
701 1 Chime
724 Leslie S3K
725 Nathan K5L
726 Wabco E2
798 Leslie A-200




Fairbanks Morse
Prime Mover
Item # Horn Type
726 Wabco E2
776 Leslie S3
778 Nathan K3
780 1 Chime
799 Hancock
800 Leslie A-200


GE Prime Mover
Item # Horn Type
716 Leslie S3K
717 Nathan K5L
718 Leslie S3
719 Nathan K3


GE 44 Ton
Item # Horn Type
731 Leslie A-156
732 Hancock AW

EMD Class66 item #639

Features manual play of each horn "De" and "Dar", controllable engine startup / shutdown sounds, and force N8. Brake release and prime mover notches are automatic based upon motor voltage application.




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