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Deluxe Sound


Deluxe Sound System Overview

Engine Board - measures 1" x 2.5" x 1/2" h. This board accepts the optical inputs for the synchronized exhaust chuffs and sends the information to the deluxe sound system's mother board. It also contains two audio amplifiers for the front speakers and four lighting outputs. The lighting outputs are all 5vDC regulated lamps and consist of front headlight, front markers, cab interior, and a flickering fire box output. These are 2.4mm 5v lamps, item #756. Track pickup and motor power are wired to this board and the main board. A total of eight wires need to be connected between the engine and tender (seven for simple type locomotives). To better facillitate these connections, connectors have been included. See page 53 for more types.

Deluxe sound system mother board measures 1.95"w x 3.75"l x 1/2"-3/4" h. This unit is the heart of the entire sound system. It not only produces all of the sounds required but also powers the entire system. As can be seen, four microcontrollers are used for full polyphonic sound generation. For DC operators, rechargeable batteries can be used. The system is designed to recharge AA's, item 648 (use holder #652). Whenever track power is present, exceeding battery voltage, the batteries will be charged and the sound system will revert to track power for operation. If the sound system is turned off, the batteries will still be recharged. This feature
can be disabled when not using rechargeable batteries. This board also contains two lighting outputs for backup and rear marker lights. For DCC and Radio receiver operators, this board contains the inputs required from the receiver to operate the Whistle, Bell, Cylinder blow down, and one other function depending on the type sound purchased. As stated before, this unit not only powers all of the other boards but it also powers the 5 volt lighting. The 5 volt circuitry output can handle up to one full ampere of current, which is needed for all lighting functions and sound production. With this system, DC operators can have their headlights, and other lights, turned on manually with the use of the LocoMaticâ„¢ controller or automatically via the sound system sensing the motor polarity and adjusting the lighting accordingly.

The last board consists of the three Volume, Treble, and Bass control circuitry. This board measures 1" x 2" x 3/8" h and mounts with four 2x56 screws. The 9 pin wire harness merely plugs into the deluxe sound system's mother board. It has been made seperate for ease of mounting in a convenient location for accessibility.



For Whistle and locomotive types (simple or compound) available, consult the price schedule or call. Pictures are from units used in the Y6B for Kohs & Company, Inc.


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