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Dallee Electronics Engineer
This product has been discontinued a while ago and is not available for purchase as a new item.

We have no used Engineer's available for sale at this time! (click on this link for overall details)

Engineer Throttle

The ENGINEER THROTTLE is the ultimate in train control. This is the only throttle on the market yielding controls as close to the real locomotive as possible. The ENGINEER features momentum controls unlike any other throttle on the market. With the ENGINEER's power regulation and linear acceleration / deceleration controls you can run any locomotive better than ever before believed possible. The ENGINEER is built rugged as an industrial type power control should be, built to last, built for ultimate enjoyment. Why not use the ultimate to operate your trains as others have found out.

The ENGINEER, when made available, will only be offered in the 8 ampere, 18 volt version.

The ENGINEER is equipped for the optional WALK-A-ROUND controller.

The ENGINEER is "regulated" to maintain a constant output voltage and therefore constant locomotive speed. The ENGINEER's pulse circuitry, which can be turned "off", allows adjustment to match pulses to individual motor starting requirements. The ENGINEER allows the user to vary both the throttle speed response (momentum) and the service brake response. This variability of both throttle and brake response permits realistic simulation of handling characteristics ranging from light engine movement to full tonnage trains. Interlocked reverse is also a standard feature of the ENGINEER which requires the train to come to a complete stop before the reverse switch is functional.

The ENGINEER has a four position brake switch which simulates the following operating functions:

RELEASE brakes release and train gradually comes to speed as set by the throttle response and speed controls.

LAP power off coasting to an eventual stop.

SERVICE brake application for train speed reduction and controlled stopping. Rate of deceleration is fully variable using the service response control.

EMERGENCY rapid stop for emergency conditions.

The optional WALK-A-ROUND controller (Item 348) duplicates the BRAKE switch, BRAKE RESPONSE, THROTTLE RESPONSE and the REVERSE switch and plugs into a jack on the ENGINEER. Any number of jacks, located around the layout, can be parallel wired to the ENGINEER providing full walk-a-round control. When the WALK-A-ROUND controller is unplugged, the train will continue to run per the "LAP" position.


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