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TRAK-DT Family of Detectors Overview

This family of detectors has a long history of operation. They were originally produced in 1984 and have been working flawlessly ever since. While the circuitry has evolved as components have changed and more types have been added to the line, the basic detection concept remains the same. These are the most reliable detection circuits in the model railroad industry with the longest service history. There are actually thousands of these in use both commercially and by the home model railroader. Not only do they detect DC track power but also work with all types of track power. This includes AC, DCC, and all other types of command control equipment. For the DC operator that wants complete detection, add the Keep-A-Live and detection continues even when there is no DC track power present! For the true outdoor railroad that requires low voltage, low current and isolated detection, this is the equipment to use. Contact us for details involved for this type of operation. It will certainly meet all of the requirements of a safe detection system for all kinds of weather. This is especially of concern for the 1" and larger outdoor railroads.


  • TRAK-DT (TRAcK DeTector) (Item 365) The basic TRAK-DT activates its relay when current flow is sensed and the relay is relaxed when current ceases to flow. To detect a train on track it is necessary to isolate a section of rail defining the block length and to pass the wire feed for this rail section through the detection coil of the TRAK-DT.


  • TRAK-DTT (TRAck DeTector Timer) (Item 565) The TRAK-DTT is a variation of current detection that provides for event timing. The TRAK-DTT has two modes of operation. One mode provides a timed output regardless of extended current sense, the other requires current sense to cease and then times out.


  • TRAK-DTT2 (TRAck DeTector Timer2) (Item 368) The TRAK-DTT2 is a variation of the TRAK-DTT and TRAK-DT current detection that provides for event timing. The TRAK-DTT2 has three modes of operation. The first is trigger of the timer function is preceeded by a latch function. This is activated by the flow of current. The one mode allows for the timer to time out regardless if the latch input was cleared or not. The other two modes require the latch input to be cleared. This happens by having current flow ceasing and then reflowing again and ceasing. The time function will then time out and clear the output. This unit has some very interesting applications. The easiest is a time stop function.


  • TRAK-DTRL (TRAcK DeTector R esettable Latch) (Item 566) The TRAK-DTRL is a variation of current detection that includes a latching relay that retains it's position, even during power on/off cycles! This latching circuit is also triggered differently than that of the TRAK-DTL since it consists of two input coils, one for setting the relay, the other for resetting. Since two input sensors exist, it is possible to constantly retrigger a setting as many excessive times as needed without changing the state of the relay. This is extremely handy when doing certain types of automation.


  • TRAK-DTL (TRAcK DeTector Latch) (Item 366) The TRAK-DTL is a variation of current detection that includes a latching circuit to hold the relay position. As a result of this latching circuit, each time current flow is sensed by the detection coil, the TRAK-DTL changes the state of its relay.


In order for the electronics to function properly it is essential that a "regulated" power supply of 12 VDC be employed. This 12 VDC power is only for the electronics and has absolutely nothing to do with track power or the power of the devices connected to the relay contacts. Failure to use a "regulated" 12 VDC can cause erratic functioning and/or actual destruction of these devices. For proper power supply refer to the 12VPS (Item 369.



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