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Dallee Electronics Promotional Material

Promotional Sheets

New 6 Ampere Universal 'E' Unit #406(PDF, April 2023)

REVERSE_LOOP_RELAY_#90695 (PDF, Sept. 2022)

Hostler_2100 series of AC Throttles (PDF, Oct. 2021)

The Yard Master II - hand held DC throttle (PDF, June 2019)

The Puffer - Synchronized Chuff Controller (PDF, March 2018)

Turntable Indexer (PDF, July 2017)

LocoMatic™ 3 Button Universal Sound Controller (PDF, Jan 2016)

32-Bit HiLine™ Electric Full Featured Sound Systems (PDF, Jan 2016)

32-Bit HiLine™ STAMP Sound Systems (PDF, 41K)

Next Generation 32-Bit HiLine™ Steam Sound Systems (PDF, 59K)

Spike Protection Breaker System (PDF, 35K)

Next Generation 32-Bit HiLine™ Diesel Sound Systems (PDF, 55K)

Speaker Enclosures for Speedy Installation (PDF, 59K)

Original Flyer Replacement Speakers (PDF, 57K)

New Optical Reflective Detectors (PDF, 88K)

New Pre-wired Connector Sets Now Available (PDF, 54K)

General Information Handout (PDF, 314K)

New 2-Train Automation with Momentum (PDF, 53K)

New AC Sound Controllers Announced (PDF, 46K)

Dallee Sound / AristoCraft Plug and Play Connectors (PDF, 73K)

New STROBE Light Announcement (PDF, 49K)

New MP54 Sound Systems Now Available (PDF, 134K)

New Large Speaker (PDF, 61K)

Catalog #56 Now Available (PDF, 31K)

New PCC Sounds Now Available (PDF, 65K)

New Trolley Sounds Now Available (PDF, 61K)

Catalog #55 Now Available (PDF, 30K)

New Expansion Relay Boards (PDF, 44K) 3/12/12

New British Steam Sounds Announced (PDF, 56K)

New MO-1 Momentum Unit (PDF, 53K) 12/15/10

New Amber LED Lighting (PDF, 68K)

New 10 Ampere Universal 'E' Unit (PDF, /9K) 10/07/10

New 18" RL-LED lighting board (PDF, 57K) 10/05/10

Announcing New LED's and Speaker (PDF, 71K)

Announcing New and Improved Flasher (PDF, 106K)

Announcing New Regulated LED Lighting (PDF, 76K)

Announcing New EMD Class-66 Sound System (PDF, 80K) 7/13/08

Announcing New TRAK-DTRL (PDF, 57K)

Announcing New Timers (PDF, 46K)

Announcing New K-27 Sound System (PDF, 56K)

Announcing New GE 44-ton Sound (PDF, 70K)

Announcing Item #584 New Sound Synchronization (PDF, 46K)

Announcing the NEW AC Sound Units (PDF, 54K)

New TRAK DT #365 (PDF, 210K)

Beacon Light Announcement (PDF, 45K) 1/23/07

New Sound Systems (PDF, 48K)

9V Battery Replacement for Miniature TV Cameras (PDF, 51K)

9V Battery Replacement for Lionel Sound (PDF, 48K)

Announcing Sound for your American Models (PDF, 72K)

Announcing New 22 Watt Audio Amplifier (PDF, 57K)

Announcing New MARS Light (PDF, 46K)

Announcing New Updated TRAK-DTL (PDF, 68K)

Announcing New Updated TRAK-DTT (PDF, 75K)

Announcing New Simplified Back-N-Forth Electronics (PDF, 64K)

Announcing New Smaller DC Sound System (PDF, 48K)

Announcing New Power Transformer (PDF, 36K)

Announcing Our Compact Adjustable Regulated Power Supply (PDF, 81K)

Announcing New Smaller LocoMatic Sound & Control Unit (PDF, 102K)

Announcing New Super Small 'E' Unit (PDF, 96K)

Audio Amplifier Boards (PDF, 53K)

Regulated Lighting Board (PDF, 57K)

New Speakers Announced (PDF, 58K)

New Detection Equipment (PDF, 107K) 11/14/02

New Sound System Whistles (PDF, 95K) 10/1/02

White LED Lighting Units (PDF, 43K)

LocoMatic™ Promo Sheet - 4 Ampere Version (PDF, 342K)

LocoMatic™ Promo Sheet - 3 Ampere Version (PDF, 213K) 

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