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Item #513 - DPDT miniature toggle switch. 6amp, 125v. Mounting hole: 1/4"

Item #523 - DPDT miniature toggle switch - center off. 6amp, 125v. Mounting hole: 1/4" hole mounting.

Item #524 - Miniature toggle switch - use for sound system ON/OFF, diesel motor sound ON/OFF, BELL sound ON/OFF (one per each function desired).



Item #618 - Momentary SPST red push button switch - use for WHISTLE or HORN operation. Mounts in 7/16" hole, has over-run press feature for a good sense / feel.



Item #989 - SPST reed switch. Small in size, body measures 0.1" dia x 0.591" max. length. 140vAC/DC, 0.75amp. Operate Range 8-16 AT, Release Range 4-14 AT. (6/pk)


Item #988 - Magnet for reed switch operation. 5/8" diamater x 3/8" high. Perfect for "G" gauge track and other uses.




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